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Poor health is bad for business, but most businesses are not equipped to identify and manage health risks.

In2health provides an effective solution.


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The only work health solution to predict, track and manage health risks of 95% of preventable chronic disease, including mental health. We're all about equity, our app is accessible to all employees in any size business.


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Uncover the true costs of health risks to your business, by accurately calculating the impacts on your bottom line.

All for the cost of a coffee per employee per month.


Complex made simple

Managing health is complex. Our digital medical solution is simple to implement, manage and utilises strong engagement strategies to sustain meaningful change. We do the heavy lifting for you.

In2health brings the world's best medical information & insights to you.

Health Cost Calculator

Take a minute to add some information about your business to our quick cost calculator.

The calculator used the best available Australian evidence to estimate the impact on your bottom line and potential return on investment of implementing a workplace health program.

The In2health program provides a detailed analysis of aggregated health risk data from your workplace. This intelligently predicts the likely future financial impacts and most importantly strategies on how to reduce these.

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For a detailed and accurate calculation incorporating your organisation’s specific health risk data:


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Created by doctors our solution is continually updated and based on world class evidence. 

No other solution comes close to the In2health app's ability to intelligently identify and manage risk for the 15 most common preventable chronic conditions, including mental health and back pain, accessible by all employees. 

For a full list of the preventable conditions included in our app, click here.


Complex made simple

We're about more than just ticking the health box for your organisation.

Our mission is to enable meaningful and sustainable change through strong engagement strategies to address both individual and workplace risks. 

Our solution is easy to implement requiring minimal internal resources.


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